The No. 1 e-commerce platform in Serbia

Limundo has gone a long way from the early start in 2005. In those days it was a little auction site in a small and by no means developed Serbian online marketplace. The fact that Limundo contributed significantly to the development of the marketplace and that is spearheading e-commerce in Serbia is a telling sign.

Sprung from two brothers, supported by a great team and a number of European investors and, of course, more than a hundred thousands of loyal users Limundo is one of the great success stories for tech entrepreneurship in Serbia. The plans for expanding into neighboring countries make it even more of a poster company for the up & coming entrepreneurs.

Support of entrepreneurship and all that it entails, like the hard work and guts, make up the core values of Limundo. This is the main reason for the support for this event – the desire to see more young people take destiny into their own hands and use the tools the technology revolution is giving them.

Over Limundo 120.000 articles are sold each month, over 110m pageviews/month (possibly biggest number for all sites in Serbia) with 160.000 unique visitors.

Come and see Vladimir Nikolić‘s talk at the conference to learn more about how Limundo got here and where it will go in the future.


Dragana Petković

New media, web journalism, communication and PR specialist. Project manager and trainer at the Belgrade Open School, leading Serbian non-profit in the field of education and capacity building. Program director of the first school of web journalism in Serbia. Easily satisfied with the very best.

Vladimir Trkulja

New media manager at IT TV production, collaborator on various online projects, with specific interest in IT project management. Loves visiting conferences and working on promoting networking within the ICT industry.

Vukašin Stojkov

An activist, designer, blogger, historian (true story). Passionate about promoting entrepreneurship and new technologies in SEE communities, looking forward to seeing you all at the How to Web Belgrade conference.

Jelena Rakić

Marketing manager, trainer and consultant, works on several online and offline projects. Engineer of organizational sciences, received her MA with a paper on Internet marketing in sport. Designs and delivers IT and project management trainings. Ex-basketball player. Marathon runner.

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